A Brief History Of Numerology

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A Brief History Of Numerology

The field of numerology has been studies by people all over the world and in this video we’ll take a look at the origins and history of numerology.

Scholars have recognized Egypt as the birth place numerology however it’s modern day origins are credited to the well-known Greek philosopher Pythagoras who was renowned as one of the most skilled mathematicians of all time.

During his middle age Pythagoras opened a school in great secrecy in order to study the art of numerology and to expand on previous works. Pythagoras believed that numbers could be a universal language with the potential to reveal divine.

Modern day numerology has been refined and worked upon by many other numerologists each helping to build upon previous works to create a cutting edge for of numerology that could be used to learn and decipher the meanings of the universe!

It’s thanks to these great mathematicians that were willing to think outside of the box that we now have many great numerology tools to analyze our past, future and the world around us.

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