Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date

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Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date

In today’s numerology guide we’ll be sharing some interesting insights into birthday numerology and will be showing you exactly how you can make predictions about your future and what may be in store for you by using numerology based on date of birth.

Birthday numerology is used to reduce your date of birth to what is called a ‘vibratory number’ which can be done by adding up all of the numbers in your birthday and then reducing them to a single digit.

Once you have reduced your birth date you can then further research the ‘vibration number’ (also known as a ‘life path’) to discover what it means to for you and your future!

Chinese Astrology – Win Win Partnership

When it comes to business, it boils to synergy between the partners’ ability, aspirations and what the others can bring to the table for a win-win partnership. This will ensure whether or not the parties can actually collaborate to make profit together.

Have I Lived Before? How to Know If You’ve Lived a Past Life

Lots of people don’t believe in past lives, even though they have inexplicable memories that seem to emanate from lifetimes they can’t identify with. When I first started exploring reincarnation and the idea that our spirit can “move” from body to body I wasn’t all that impressed with the evidence. Why not?

Understanding Our Ambition, The Month of Capricorn, 2013 – 14

INVITING WINTER’S INSIGHT! Happy Solstice! Our Sun’s entrance into Capricorn conscientiously starts the season where we find retreat and the request to develop patience and diligence within our lives. Winter is viewed as the hardest season, wherein we must tap into the energy of The Goat and recognize what we can learn experiencing the sense of restriction and toil to grant us stability.

Are YOU Psychic?

We all have psychic abilities to one degree or another. The question really – isn’t whether we are psychic or not, but HOW psychic we are? How much does intuition and precognition and a sense of karmic connection infuse your life with magic and mystery and meaning.

Do I Have a Guardian Angel? 2 BIG Myths About Your PERSONAL Angels (And Why They Don’t Help!)

One of the most common questions I hear is – where is my spirit guide? Or – why are bad things happening to me, especially because I KNOW I’ve asked for help, or prayed for guidance from my angels or personal protectors from above? The funny thing is, working in the spiritual reading business as a coach, author, empath and advisor now to thousands of people over the last years, no matter HOW much different our clients may look on the surface, the questions they ask are all pretty similar.

Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date, Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date, Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date, Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date, Birthday Numerology: Secrets Of Your Birth Date

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