Born On The 16th? (Numerology Of 16)

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Born On The 16th? (Numerology Of 16)

You can learn a lot about your true destiny simply by examining the date that you were born on and in todayโ€™s video weโ€™ll be taking an up close look at the numerology of the number 16 and will be discussing exactly whatโ€™s in store for those that are born on the 16th of any given month.

In numerology the number 16 meaning is composed of five main themes which are made up of wisdom, family, independence, intuitiveness and introspection. People who are born on the 16th of a month are usually independent and wise and they also have great principles when it comes to things like self sufficiency, exploration and introspection.

The basic meaning of the number 16 can be found by reducing it to a single digit (so 1 + 6 = 7) and as a result 16 possesses many of the same qualities that the number 7 possesses.

Those born under this number are likely to have strong drives to search for new information and they are very well versed in the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life. These people are also extremely analytical and are very talented at researching topics in depth.

One of the greatest challenges for those with a 16 birthday is that they will sometimes delve a little too far into the spiritual world forcing them to lose touch with reality.

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