Born On The 20th? (Numerology Of 20)

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Born On The 20th? (Numerology Of 20)

The day in which you born on means a lot and in today’s video we’ll be taking a up close look at the numerology of the number 20 and more specifically we’ll be letting you know what’s in store for those that are born on the 20th of a month.

People with a birth day number of 20 tend to be extremely effective in social situations of all sorts and they are always capable of maintaining a wide variety of relationships as they are easily able to understand social dynamics.

For this reason people born on the 20th often make for excellent team players and diplomats and they are exceptionally good at negotiating when they truly believe that they are correct in their views.

The basic essence of the number 20 can be found by reducing it to a single digit by adding the 2 and the 0 together to get a 2. Because of this the number 20 features a lot of the same characteristics and traits as the number 2 does and they a very closely linked.

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