Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers

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Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers

Numerology can take on a lot of different meanings in different parts of the world. For example in the Western world numerology is often seen as simply a way of getting tips and hints about ones self and one’s destiny.

However in much of the Eastern world feng shui and numerology are combined together to make the home feel safer and more harmonious. This process often begins right from the moment that a person decides to buy land and often they will consult with a feng shui expert in order to make sure that their home is in a good location according to both numerology and feng shui.

When feng shui numbers and numerology are combined together you can change the auro of your home and even affect your overall vibrations. For example the number of objects that you place in a room can greatly affect the energy of that room and even the number of the can hold significant meaning too.

Certain numbers are considered especially lucky and for this reason many numerology and feng shui experts will focus on incorporating these feng shui lucky numbers into their house as much as possible. On the other hand though there are some numbers that should be avoided if possible which we’ll discuss more in this video!

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Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers, Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers, Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers, Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers, Feng Shui Numbers: Numerology & Feng Shui Lucky Numbers

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