Introduction To Chinese Numerology

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Introduction To Chinese Numerology

A long time ago a would be emperor of China was trying to find a solutions to the floods that would happen every year. On his search for a solution he found a shell with a grid on it where he could place the numbers 1 through 9.

He regarded this as a sign from god and vowed to study the effects that numerology had on humanity. This grid is known as the โ€˜Lo Shu Gridโ€™.

Here are some of the traits associated with each number in Chinese numerology:

1 belongs to individuals who may have a hard time communicating verbally.

2 people can be a bit impatient and they have a duality that represents the true nature of the world.

3 is all about child birth and the continuation of lineage.

4 in Chinese Numerology is a force of reason. It also represents the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.

5 is symbolic of good luck, optimism, fun and enthusiasm.

6 is all about expansion and a long life. It is a symbol of the eternal nature of things.

7 is all about perfection and completion. It also represents the concept of everything having their own timing in the grand scheme of things.

8 in Chinese numerology is about inclusion and the spiritual nature of all things in life.

9 is symbolic of the creator as well as the answers to all of lifeโ€™s great questions.

Lastly 0 symbolizes limitless possibilities.

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