Introduction To Jewish Numerology

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Introduction To Jewish Numerology

In this video we’ll give you an introduction to how Jewish numerology works and we’ll also go over what the meanings of the various numbers are in Jewish numerology.

Number 1 tends to mean abundance and creativity. It’s also the number of leaders.

Number 2s meaning in Jewish numerology is one of diplomacy and people who belong to life path two tend to avoid conflict.

Number 3 is a sign of optimism, charisma and being a host. These people tend to make for good friends.

Number 4 represents practically, stability and realism. Life path 4 people are more likely to be attracted to professions to promise security.

Number 5 is the number of the jack of all trade and life path 5 people tend to be impulsive and instinctive.

Number 6 is about family and creativity. It’s the number that belongs to those that love to look after others.

Number 7 is for those that are spiritual and those that like to be away from the noise of the world on their own.

Number 8 is about justice and energy. People who are life path 7 are a bit reserved and like to deal with facts.

Number 9 is about expression and empathy and these individuals are kind and supportive.

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