Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?

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Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?

Numerology is a form of divination that has many cultures and philosophies mixed into it and one of the most important thing a numerologist will look into should you go to one is the numerology of your name as it will tell you a lot about yourself and what your future has in store for you.

Name number meanings 1-9:

Name Number 1: You’re a leader and a very independent individual who likes to be pioneering in life.

Name Number 2: You are able to adapt well and are good at seeing the other side of the coin.

Name Number 3: You are a great communicator and are good at expressing yourself and getting people to believe in you.

Name Number 4: You are a big believer in order and greatly value loyalty.

Name Number 5: You’re a sociable and adventurous person who constantly craves freedom.

Name Number 6: You are a natural protector and tend to surround yourself by family. You are also extremely community orientated.

Name Number 7: You are a person of mystery who doesn’t mind solitude. Often these people will be scientists or mystics.

Name Number 8: Status and success are important to you. You have your head well set in reality and are extremely practical.

Name Number 9: You’re compassionate and selfless. You also have a big creative flair.

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Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?, Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?, Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?, Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?, Name Numerology Meanings: What Does Your Name Mean?

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