Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!

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Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!

This video is all about the hidden meanings behind the number 11 in numerology. If you belong to life path 11 then you can learn a lot of things about yourself by watching this video!

The life path 11 people are idealistic, intuitive, visionary, friendly and co-operative. They are also astrologically related to Libra and as well as the planet Neptune.

The number 11 people however are known to have inner conflicts that they must work their way through throughout their lives.

The lucky month of the life path number 11 people is November and their best colors are pale yellow, violet, silver and ruby red.

Their lucky stones are platinum and topaz!

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Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!, Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!, Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!, Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!, Numerology Number 11: Secrets Of Life Path 11!

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