Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!

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Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!

If youโ€™re a life path 5 person than you can watch this short video to learn a lot of things about what numerology has to say about your destiny.

For example did you know that people that belong to the numerology number 5 life path are usually clever, sensual, adventurous and prolific.

On the other hand though they can be rash, impulsive, undirected and dull.

Their tarot card is โ€˜the hierophantโ€™ and the number 2โ€™s meaning is also one of change, opportunity chance and lots of adventure!

The number two is also symbolic of sensuality, free and exploration and is astrologically related to both Taurus and Leo!

The life path number 2 people are related closely to the planets Mercury and Venus and are backed by both the air and fire elements.

Their lucky gem stones are also turquoise and Aquamarine, their best month is May and their best day is Tuesday.

Love, a Full Moon and Power of an Eclipse

Eclipses affect us all. The impact of a Lunar eclipse and challenges us all in our relationships individually and globally.

Opening of The Stargate of Love โ€“ May 2012

The alignment this weekend is opening a Stargate, an opening into the 4th dimension. Those of us who are ready will be able to step through this door into the Heart of the Universe from which we will be able to assist those who have resisted the opening of their heart. The 4th dimension cannot be entered into without the heart being opened. This is a time of balancing the Male and the Female, which is being assisted by Venus Retrograde. Many of us have had relationships end, experienced loss of loved ones or experienced the loss of a job. Venus is forcing us to let go of things we have been refusing to let go of, breaking open our hearts in the process. This will assist us to make a sudden leap into the 4th dimension of the Heart, the dimension of Love.

Arabic Parts โ€“ Their Role in Modern Horoscopes

Arabic Parts can play an important role in modern Western and Vedic Horoscopes. They provide additional insight because they are specific significators for targeted domains. Because they are defined for specific topics, they help astrologers better analyze the horoscopes of their clients.

Venus Retrogrades Are Not Always Roses and Romance

Venus is usually the sign of relationships, love, balance and harmony until she goes retrograde. Watch for relationship issues to develop on personal and global levels when this occurs.

An Introduction to How Astrology Works

An explanation of how Astrology is used to understand the personality of a person. It explains the basic components that are used in the Art of Astrology.

Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5! Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5! Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5! Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!

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