Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!

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Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!

In this short numerology video youโ€™ll learn all about the numerology life path number #8 and will find out exactly what it means for you if you are a life path 8 person.

Number 8 people tend to be strong, self reliant, intelligent, clever and tasteful but can also be dogmatic, materialistic, unscrupulous and lethargic.

The life path number 8 people are the people that tend to attract the most wealth and it is the number of success, leadership and effective organization.

The number 8 also symbolizes strength and they are closely related astrologically to both the Leo and Scorpio signs. They are also related to the planets Saturn, Pluto and the Sun.

Their best month is August, their lucky day is Thursday and their best days of the month are the 2nd, the 4th, the 6th, the 17th and the 26th.

The Month of Cancer, 2012

SUMMER SOLSTICE & SOUL SPLENDORS! With the Zodiacโ€™s second Cardinal Leadership Sign, itโ€™s time to another season. Cancer initiates the collective request to be nostalgic, reflective, take the leap of faith to rise to a new level. This Moon guided sign cozies the collective up to feeling, emotion, and a nurturing spirit.

Sun Signs and Moon Signs

There is more to astrology than just the familiar sun sign. You also have a moon sign as well. So what does your moon sign mean to you?

Energies of June

The theme for June has been opening the heart and learning more about love, about what it really is. We are learning that it is not the romantic ideal we thought it was. It is so much more, so much deeper and multi-leveled.

Southern Hemisphere Astrology โ€“ Rulers and Houses of the Signs

In order to determine the influence of signs (Western) or rashis (Vedic) in Southern Hemisphere astrology, we need to consider the sources of their attributes in Northern Hemisphere astrology. We find that signs or rashis obtain their attributes from their associated constellations, houses (bhavas), modalities, planetary rulers, and elements. By analyzing these components, we can determine how sings or bhavas function in Southern hemisphere astrology.

NEW: How To Remember Past Lives

Q: What is the very best way to remember my past lives? Who are most likely to have past life memories? Are most past life memories about being famous, important or influential in a previous incarnation? And why do SOME people remember very detailed past livesโ€ฆ while others remember nothing? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 3 of the most common ways to remember YOUR past lives, and tackle some of the common myths and misconceptions that many folks have as well.

Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!, Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!, Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!, Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!, Numerology Number 8: Secrets Of Life Path 8!

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