Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9

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Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9

Whilst no two people are exactly alike there are definitely some certain traits that some people share that allow them to bond and to connect on a deeper level.

Through personality numerology you learn more about your own personality as well as others to come up with a comprehensive profile.

Personality Number 1: You are a self assured and sometimes even aggressive individual who refuses to back down.

Personality Number 2: You are gentle and idealistic and you love nature and any art form that allows to you get creative.

Personality Number 3: You are a lucky soul who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Personality Number 4: You are a security lover who places a big a premium on your home. You are also extremely mature.

Personality Number 5: You’re extremely fun and are always up for an adventure. You’re also able to land on your feet every time.

Personality Number 6: You are intelligent, creative and people look to you to solve problems.

Personality Number 7: You are mysterious and enigmatic. You’re also great at reading the motives of others.

Personality Number 8: You are extremely ambitious (sometimes even to the the point of being ruthless) and are able to read trends like a pro.

Personality Number 9: You are charming, magnetic and have an inner confidence that many others will envy. You are also a spiritual soul.

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New Chinese Year of the Snake – 2013

The Year of the Snake begins on 10th February 2013. Eastern philosophy regards the snake as a symbol of good luck. Snakes shed their skin and starts afresh. This year will bring change to correct excess. The Water Snake is particularly enquiring and money-orientated, and so will look for new ways around debt and the recession. Historically, Snake Years brought correction. In 1977, the first home computers changed the way we work, and Deng Xiaoping came to power bringing capitalism to China. In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and the Tokyo stock market crashed. And 2001 brought 9:11. My guesses for 2013 are that Western Governments will try to shake debt by printing more money and then increase interest rates to slow inflation. However, new ways to aid finances will be created. Personally, you should save and plan for the future. It’s a good time to invest, but be wary in business deals or a new marriage. Stay focused and beware of complacency.

Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9, Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9, Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9, Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9, Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9

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