Numerology Secrets Of Angel Number 38!

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Numerology Secrets Of Angel Number 38

If you’re prone to seeing repeating and recurring numbers everywhere you go then you may just be seeing angel numbers that have been sent by the universe to try to help guide you throughout life. And in today’s numerology video we’ll be taking a closer look at the angel number 38 and will be investigating what it really means should you find yourself seeing 38 everywhere you go!

In numerology the number 3 vibration relates to encouragement and assistant. It incorporates the principles of expansion, self-expression, manifesting desires, growth, inspiration and creativity. The number 8 on the other hand adds it’s energies of dependability, self confidence, inner-wisdom and good karma.

When combined the number 38 meaning is one of joy and optimism along with courage and material abundance. If you’re seeing this angel number then the ascended masters are sending you a message to continue progressing on down the path that you currently on. This is a very exciting number to see and if you find angel number 38 appearing your life you could soon be experiencing great abundance!

Zodiac Signs & Your Personality

Sun signs do have a deep impact on our personality. Astrology may vastly be seen as a window into the unseen realms, and it really helps us learn who we are, and who others are.

Compatible and Incompatible Signs in Astrology

Gemini and Libra are both Air signs. So if two individuals belong to these two signs, there is every reason to believe that these are compatible with each other. But merely by looking at an individual’s zodiac sign, we cannot be sure about compatibility. However, it does give a great deal of information about compatibility.

Agni Purana Explains and Helps You to Select the Correct Gem for Wealth, Health and Prosperity

Puranas contain all types of topics. But human nature is to select the best topic for obtaining wealth, health, and an all-round success. For this we may read Agni Purana which deals with Gems. Agni Purana gives you the characteristics of gems. The diamond that could be carried away by water, that is unbreakable, without impurity, of hexagonal shape, has the lustre of rainbow, light and brilliant like the sun is very auspicious to wear. Read more to know about all the gems

The Glory of Betalgeux – Ardra – Which Is Two Crores and Fifty Lakhs Spheres of the Size of the Sun!

According to Sir James Jeans, the famous author of ‘Mysterious Universe’, the star Betalgeux is so voluminour that it can contain two crores and fifty lakhs of spheres of the size of our Sun. And the Sun is thirteen lakhs of times bigger than our earth. Such is the enormous size of Betalgeux. The presiding deity of the star Betalgeux is Rudra, that is Shiva. The Puranic story describes Shiva burnt Manmada, Sagittarius, the God of Love.

Aquarius Soul Purpose

The reason everyone is a little different is because each soul was born with certain personality gifts from our Creator. No one person could be all things to all people so we were born with certain traits that we could easily contribute for the good of everyone. It’s a fantastic journey to discover why we are here. And it’s a relief to know we no longer have to judge anyone who is not just like us.

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