Numerology Secrets Of Master Number 33!

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Numerology Secrets Of Master Number 33

The master number 33 is an extremely rare vibration in numerology and it’s a combination of both the master number 11 as well as the master number 22. In fact the master number 33 is considered by many numerologists to be the perfect balance between these two numbers.

People that are born under the master number 33 are religious and spiritual trailblazers and are often born to be caregivers to others due to their extremely caring and empathetic nature which allows them to dedicate themselves to a person or cause.

These people are often referred to as the ‘master teacher’ since they are driven by pure and unselfish goals and tend to be extremely supportive and kind. People born under the master number 22 do not have ulterior motives or secret schemes and are legitimately looking to make the world a better place in whatever way they can.

People with master number 11 are trustworthy, gentle, compassionate, spirited, intelligent, goal-driven, peaceful and wise. They are also incredibly understanding of the issues that are faced by those around them and they strive to fix those issues at any cost.

Herschel, Uranus and Mary Shelley’s Vision of Horror

When William Herschel turned his telescope to the sky, he discovered something he described as being rather like a comet. His discovery would turn conventional thought on its ear and herald the age of modern science. A few years later, Mary Shelley, still a teenager, wrote her masterpiece “Frankenstein,” and brought forth a vision so terrifying it can still give us nightmares. How far is too far in the human quest for mortality at the expense of human morality.

Blood and Fire: An Astrological Perspective on the Salvation Army, Part 1

As a young man, William Booth watched men exchange their Sunday suits at the pawnshop and then head straight for the nearest pub. Victorian London was hardly an elegant location. Prostitution, alcoholism, filth and starvation were such a part of every day life that they were simply accepted. But Booth knew there was an alternative and he set out to tell everyone the answer–whether they wanted to listen or not.

Blood and Fire: An Astrological Perspective of The Salvation Army, Part 2

William Booth was a man with a Christian Mission. But in an era of sin and filth, his message of salvation was ridiculed and even led to violence. With the help of his family and key faithful members, Booth continued to wage his war on poverty, alcohol, tobacco and uncleanliness.

Astrology and the Renaissance

Astrology was an accepted part of life but in the late middle ages would the burgeoning of new science, new discoveries and new skepticism threaten this ancient art or would it continue to inspire the imaginations of the people of the Renaissance and beyond? And how would astrology be integrated into the changing Christian Church?

In Cold Blood: As Astrological Perspective on the Book That Shocked America

The cold blooded murders of a wealthy farmer, his wife and children sent shockwaves through America that were only rivaled by Truman Capote’s in depth analysis of this terrible crime. Perhaps even more shocking was Capote’s post crime relationship with one of the killers–and the involvement of his childhood friend, Harper Lee.

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