Numerology Secrets Of Personality Number 7!

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Numerology Secrets Of Personality Number 7

In numerology your ‘personality number’ is a number that can be used to learn a lot about specific characteristics and traits that you or others are likely to possess based on the numerology of your birth name and in today’s guide we’ll be taking a closer look at the secrets that lay behind personality number 7!

Personality number 7 people are often misunderstood. They are known for having a mind of their own and always prefer to do their own research and to come to their own conclusions then to simply go by popular consensus. Sometimes personality number 7 people are seen as mysterious and withdraw and they have their own views on life and religion and can even have strong psychic abilities.

Number 7 people often look deeper into a situation or topic than other numbers and as a result they are often able to find hidden meanings that other people simply overlook. Number 7 people are extremely intelligent however their intellectual nature may not always be so obvious at first. They have a very sharp mind and know things about the world that are counter intuitive.

Personality number 7 people also have excellent taste and they can be extremely opinionated on a number of different topics. It seems that a number 7 person knows something about everything and sometimes other people can find this a little bit annoying due to their self-righteousness.

Allowing Vision Along Our Journey, The Month of Sagittarius, 2014

AUTUMN SAYS ADOIS! It is astrological “law” when our Sun enters a mutable sign, our current season is preparing to conclude. As we experience our Sun’s journey within Sagittarius The Archer – who is our communicator extraordinaire – not only does our time here become spirited, but we are asked to aim towards connecting as well to our body and mind. With the guidance of expansive and ever-aiming Jupiter over this fire sign, we find warmth within the colder days to still be able to embrace the genuine gifts of generosity and discover what is meant to become our truth.

Horoscopes – To Read Or Not To Read, That’s The Question

There are many among us who won’t start our day without reading the horoscope column in the newspaper. They are eager to know what the day has in store for them. On the other hand, there are also a handful of people who label it as sheer nonsense. Thus, the validity of horoscopes has been a debatable issue for ages. So, is there are any truth in these astrological predictions or are they simply meant to be read and forgotten?

Transmuting Our Desires to the Divine, The Month of Scorpio, 2014

Autumn’s Achievement! When our Sun enters a Fixed Organized sign, we get cozy and locked into the present season. Scorpio organizes us into Autumn, as landscapes and environments completely transform over the month ahead. Being guided by The Eagle/The Scorpion, our time in Scorpio engages our collective energy in death/rebirth, regenerating our core, pursuing passion, and checking in with the sense of power and control of our lives accordingly. Look to your Scorpio piece of the Zodiac Pie to equally find where a channel of transformation can be received, aligning peace of mind for this zodiac month ahead.

Know What’s The Best Career for Your Sun Sign

Opting for a career that does not suit your personality may run your future and ambitions into rough weathers. So in order to realize your dreams of a rewarding career, it makes sense to pick a career that best fits the unique characteristics of your sun-sign.

Why People Still Trust Astrology In The Face Of Strong Opposition From Science

Astrology has been around practically since the beginning of human existence. We have had an intuitive understanding that cosmic bodies that float around in space have a huge impact on human lives. Think about how the moon causes high and low tides of such huge magnitudes on earth.

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