Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 2!

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Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 2

In numerology your ‘soul urge number’ which is also known as your ‘hearts desire number’ is used to find out what it is your heart really craves deep down. And in today’s video we will be taking a closer look at soul urge number 2 and will be dissecting the numerology meanings behind this soul urge number.

Soul urge number 2 is all about friendship and partnership. Rather than leading these people prefer to work in a co-operative team where everyone gets along well.

People with this soul number are on a constant search for deep and meaningful friendships. They are happiest when everyone around them are happy and they want nothing more than for the companionship and affections of others.

Their affectionate and loving nature attracts many to them. They are also sensitive and emotional though they are far from week. They are diplomatic and persuasive and able to convince others through kindness and trust.

Why Do Twin Flames Struggle?

If one’s Twin Flame is our perfect other half, then why are there so many problems in relating to our Twin? Why is there anxiety, frequent break-ups and such confusion? Before you can answer these questions, it is essential to understand that your Twin Flame is providing a spiritual mirror to your own suppressed personality. A Twin Flame relationship is about meeting your shadow side.

The Planet Mercury in Horoscope

In the language of astrology, Mercury is a dual sided planet, and rules the senses it represents intelligence, genius, and analytic power. Mercury in 1st House The native has good administrative skills, and makes a good diplomat with good powers of negotiation, at the same time the native has a human touch. This kind of person has a long life and is tempted to opt for alcoholic drinks and fine dining.

What Is Astrology All About?

Astrology is to be treated as a combination of both science and art. This is because it involves a certain amount of logical applicant and emotional interpretation of these results.

Can Vedic Astrology Foretell The Future Or Is It Just A Myth?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the little horoscope box in the papers can provide an infinite source of amusement day after day. But for many, astrology is an avenue to turn to for help, answers and resolution to the grandest of their problems.

The Effects of the Planet Jupiter on Human Lives

Jupiter is everything big, it is the most respected and influential planet of the solar system. The best judges and people in high positions possess a helpful Jupiter in their horoscopes. Jupiter is exalted in the Fourth house, and helpful in most other houses. A good Jupiter provides good education, health and wealth.

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